From 1866 until 1877 St Michael’s church was a little tin hall in Harding’s Lane, in the Alexandra district of Beckenham. When Holy Trinity, Lennard Road, was built in 1877, St Michael’s moved to the Birkbeck Estate where a few houses stood among the cabbage fields and market gardens. The first services were held on Easter Day, 1877.


Church late 1890s


In 1890 a brick building was erected (Birkbeck Road) and served as the church; the tin church becoming the parish hall.


On 2 October 1899 the foundation stone for the new church, facing Ravenscroft Road, was laid; and in 1900 the East portion of the church was completed, dedicated and brought into use. The brick building in Birkbeck Road then became the parish hall.


The church was consecrated on 17 December 1906, although the West end of the church was not completed until 1935. At first the church was a ‘district church’ of the Parish of Beckenham (St George) but in 1907 the Parish of St Michael and all Angels was formed as a separate parish with Fr Armstrong inducted as the first vicar in March 1908.

Ticket to the service of consecration 1906
St Michael and All Angels Church facing Ravenscroft Road
Church interior circa 1935



On the night of 24 March 1944 however, the building and its contents were destroyed by fire bombs during an enemy air raid.


In 1946 the Parochial Church Council appointed Mr WH Hobday FRIBA as architect and entrusted to him the work of designing and building the new church. For a long time no licence could be obtained for repair or rebuilding.

From 1946-1956 the church hall was used as a temporary church.


June 1955: service in the hall in Birkbeck Road
Current church being built April 1956

It was eventually agreed that the old church was now beyond repair and that, with the exception of the foundations and a certain amount of walling which remained sound and capable of reuse, the building should be reconstructed entirely. Therefore in 1949 the greater part of the old building was demolished. For five years the site remained derelict as no licence for building could be obtained, but during these years the architects, Messrs Hobday and Maynard, were preparing preliminary sketches for the new building. By 1954 drawings of the proposed new building had been approved and in January 1954 licence was given to rebuild. Work started in March 1955 - 11 years after the fire.







The new church was dedicated on 20 October 1956.

St Augustine's 1933




In 1978 the parishes of St Michael and St Augustine were combined. St Augustine’s Mission Hall in Churchfields Road (formerly Arthur Road) had opened in 1886, and in 1910 a dual-purpose hall and church was started. The church was dedicated by the Bishop of Rochester on 1 July 1933 and consecrated on 31 May 1945. When the parishes combined, St Augustine’s Church was closed and converted to housing.


In 2012, thanks to a generous donation by our organist, Alan Burtonshaw, a new Mander Organ was installed in St Michael's.








St Michael's today


The land on which St Michael’s parish hall has stood on Birkbeck Road was put up for sale in 2015 (the parish hall no longer being fit for purpose) with a view to the proceeds from the sale being used to create a community area within the church.



On 1 May 2016 a Pastoral Scheme came into effect, uniting the benefice of St James, Elmers End with that of St Michael with St Augustine, to form a united benefice of St James with St Michael and St Augustine, Beckenham.


Photos of our recent celebration and re-dedication of the church building to follow soon.






Priests of St Michael's 1877-present


Priests in Charge

1877: J Foote; 1883: E Fagan; 1896: E Graham; 1897: J Stenson; 1900: A Armstrong


Vicars of the Parish

1908: A Armstrong; 1916: R Eves; 1920: E Linton; 1935: CL Smith; 1962: HG Hobson


Vicars of the United Benefice of St Michael with St Augustine Beckenham

1978: DC Gooderham; 1988: RS Fayers; 2001: CM Smith


Priests in Charge of St Michael with St Augustine Beckenham

2012: PG Keown; 2015: LC Carberry


Vicar of the United Benefice of St James with St Michael and St Augustine Beckenham

2016: LC Carberry


Associate Vicar of the United Benefice of St James with St Michael and St Augustine Beckenham 2016: GE Lunn



St Michael and All Angels

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